Anonymous asked:
I've ask him and he said he was fine when he was around/with me and depressed when he wasn't and so do I when I'm not with him so I guess that's more about attachment than suicide. He didn't react much that night. He just left.. Haha. But I had a lot of things that annoyed me about things he did that I had made me frustrated. So the frustration came out with my anger as I yelled at him. - Yes I did, I'm exhausted all the time.. ._." Except when I'm with him. Weird I know, haha :')

It’s easier to forget your problems when you’re with someone you trust and care about. Hopefully suicide isn’t on his mind on a daily basis, and it was just a “one time thing” that night. 
It’s better to talk about things that bothers you about each other while you’re sober, but I know it’s harder. I don’t find it weird that you’re less exhausted when you’re with him, he’s giving you a break from life or yourself or whatever is going on in your head when you’re alone.